Monday, May 28, 2012


another one of those useless, just a heads up for what im going to do in the following weeks...i'll continue making my video of Otto Chan in GLOVES COME's gunna take me awhile..haven't touched it 2day...the program was bugging me..and im kinda new to both the video editor and video editing sorry about i can make it his birthday video birthday's in knows..maybe i wont be able to make it in time for his birthday..anyways..aside from the video editing, i'll also continue my posts on some rising stars..and after that, i'll discuss TVB's a-list..and then i don't, along the way, i'll be discussing some news articles that catch my another useless status update.. :P and also, i will do some reviews on the dramas that i'd be watching..but for some, i find them not my type, so i dont watch it..or even if i watch it, i find it hard to do a review for..sooo..only the series i find worth discussing will be 'reviewed' :P...also, i think i'll be doing a favorite series of 2012 thing in like...whenever i feel like it..

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