Sunday, May 27, 2012


His character, both appearance and personality-wise, reminded me of his character, Law Ba, in GHETTO JUSTICE...he was a joy to watch in GLOVES COME OFF..i loved how he was made fun of for being too old..and he has really good chemistry with his "son"..omg...and it was so sad when he saw Selena get drunk..and he was saying how it's easy to reach out to her but once he does, he'll ruin her life forever..everyone says nothing matters as long as two people love each other..but in reality, everything matters...his character was somewhat on the realistic side...even though it ended up being a wrong decision,  i still like how he did the beginning, i really loved his chemistry with Selena..but towards the end, i kinda got all fired up..i was like "what kind of world IS this?"...*sighz* 

I liked Selena's character in the beginning of the drama..she was a strong, 'career-comes-first' type of girl..She was smart and all..i also liked her look more in the beginning of the wise, she's like a model for me..but when it comes to love, she was a mess...omg..i dont even wunna talk about it..but...well, i liked the chemistry between her and Kevin..but it just kinda died in the after Edward's accident, their relationship just went was really unbelievable how she had Alzheimer's and all..c'mon..she's like 30..i wish they just took out the Edward part and made the only problem in their relationship the social class difference...i preferred seeing Selena as the smart, strong, career-minded the beginning, i really thought she would live up to the first female lead standards..but after watching the entire drama, i really think Nancy would have been a better first female lead...even though her character was not as prominent as expected...

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