Sunday, May 27, 2012

STATUS UPDATE's been so long since ive logged in2 blogger..sorry about that..umm..just finished GLOVES COME OFF...& thoughts will b posted up later...but for the currently airing series, HOUSE OF HARMONY AND VENGEANCE & MASTER OF PLAY, i won't b watching those...i watched like about 10 episodes of HOUSE OF HARMONY AND VENGEANCE..and then i just stopped..not that it's bad..just that i got busy and didn't have time for it..and then i ended up 2 lazy 2 go back to the drama..well, just a short note: i like Linda's character :) well, from the episodes i've watched..and as for MASTER OF PLAY, i kno i shouldn't judge a book by it's cover..but i really dont think it's my type of series...not saying that it's not good, but just like WHEN HEAVEN BURNS, i think i might find it a little 2 scary...

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