Monday, May 28, 2012


Winner of the 2011 Miss HK Pageant, Rebecca's popularity has been on the rise, with nonstop news..such as her resemblance with Fala Chen, her 'love sparks' with 2011 Mr. HK Winner, Clayton Li, and also with costar, Kenneth Ma, in upcoming drama, SILVER SPOONS AND STERLING SHACKLES..she has replaced Fala Chen twice in both the film and TV both the 2nd Laughing Gor film and in Silver Spoons and Sterling Shackles...taking the place of Fala as Ron's love interest...As a Ronla fan, I was not too fond of TVB's she was already pairing up with Ron in upcoming drama, TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES to me, she killed Ronla twice..but it's not her fault..TVB's point here is that, her popularity is really skyrocketing..not all Ms. HK winners are that well-known..but she is already given the chance at acting..also, all of her dramas are still in production..and yet, there's all this news about her..i haven't seen her acting I can't judge..but hopefully, she can become a good actress one day...even though in my opinion, she's rising a bit too she still doesn't have too much of a solid acting foundation yet..

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