Sunday, May 27, 2012


Overall, the series was pretty good...I wasn't even gunna give this drama a chance..but I saw the trailers and I really wanted to see the development of Kevin & Selena's I decided to watch it..and I got hooked on like right away..but as the drama progressed, i think everything went downhill...honestly, i didn't think the presence of Katy Kung or Edwin Siu [even though I love him :D] was necessary..I actually think the drama would be better without Katy...not that I don't like her..but I felt like her character was just there for the audience to for Edwin, i'll discuss this in a later post...:P

Beginning vs. Ending
The beginning of the drama was full of funny scenes [Raymond Wong] but also contained some serious Kevin Cheng in Thailand and stuff like how to explain it..but compared to the beginning, the ending just got too messed with Power Chan messing up..and then Katy pops in..omg..speaking of Power, his character was so obnoxious..he always thought he was right..when it was clear that he was

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