Sunday, May 27, 2012


His character was pretty cute in the beginning....and then he started to mature and stuff...even though he was kinda villainous, i still loved his character...when he ditched his friends, he actually felt bad...even though i thought Natalie's death was unnecessary, it really brought out Raymond's acting skills..well, not the part where he tried to commit suicide..but when he tried to hold 'Tung Lung' up when his father-in-law wanted to close it down...loved his little speech..

At first, her character didn't really matter to me..and I found her kinda annoying at the Disneyland fireworks scene..her reactions were a bit exaggerated...but after she had her baby, she turned all mature and became strong and's like she switched with Selena..the scene where she told Raymond that she wanted a divorce...and she doesn't want anything except for her daughter...i really like her acting as a mature woman..and hope to see her in more of these strong roles :) part where she realized her mother-in-law wasn't actually crippled was pretty the part where she went like 'bo lay guo tau ah!'..i think out of all 3 female leads, i like her character the most :) 

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