Monday, May 28, 2012

NEW FANFIC i set up this poll before..and not many people voted..but everyone who did voted 4 #3 it is..and in case some readers have not seen my previous post[s], here's the summary of #3:

Linda Chung is a filial daughter and a kind-hearted person and best friends with Kate Tsui, Fala Chen, and Bernice Liu. When she meets Raymond Lam, the two become rivals due to minor confusions. Raymond Lam's friends Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, and Moses Chan fully support him. Soon, their problems are solved and the eight of the become friends and later, they even start dating..all 6 of them..leaving Raymond and Linda alone when the six of them start dating. Linda and Raymond go through a lot together. When Linda starts to see Raymond's nicer side, she starts falling for him but when he lists what he looks for in his future girlfriend, Linda is disappointed and sees Raymond as a guy only interested in a girl's physical appearance. After getting scolded by Linda, Raymond starts to realize his feelings for her. During one accident, Raymond realizes that she's the one...but is it too late?

i apologize for not coming up with a name for the fanfic...don't really know what to call it...anyways, i have set up a poll for the leads of the fanfic..and just an FYI, winners of the poll will be the couple..and then i guess the rest of them would be the supporting cast...i might make some changes to the the part where all of them start dating each other, err..not 2 believable..maybe some of them can date someone outside of their little 'group'..well, feel free to send in some suggestions..

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