Thursday, June 14, 2012


hey guys..sorry 4 the lack of updates..i'll reply to ur cbox messages asap!! sorry about that!! i'll probably be posting a lot less over the course of the next 6 weeks or so...probably only on the weekends..sorry about that! summer school has been hectic! it's only the first week and ive had 2 tests already...every night, i have to stay up til like 2 a.m. taking notes...omg..and i already have 4 projects 4 the class..*sighz* i thought it would be easy..anyways..enough ranting..just wanted to let readers know that im watching NO GOOD EITHER WAY and COME HOME LOVE right now...both are ok..i guess..if u have nothing 2 watch..again, COME HOME LOVE is getting's still ok though..i guess...i only liked the first few episodes though..i'm probably gunna stop watching for NO GOOD EITHER WAY, well, i think Kristal Tin & Ruco Chan are kind of an awkward they dont look like they would go together..well, for the most part, it's ok..boring at times..and somewhat too exaggerated...but it's still a good probably not gunna do a 'thoughts' thing on it unless it ends up being really good..but some scenes i like so far are Natalie Tong's Mandarin were funny..but u can kinda tell she's not ready to be a first-line artist even though it was funny, at times, she said too many words in Cantonese...but for the most part, it was a cute and funny scene :) i find Ruco and Natalie great siblings...also, i love the gay 'housemate' of Louis's pretty his hand motions and his high, i thought it was pretty nice to have the 'Interpal/Inderpal' [i saw Inderpal in the subtitles..but they pronounced it 'Interpal'] in a bigger role...he's been in A LOT of like him in comedic roles...haha..i never get bored of TVB's gay jokes...i had no intention of offending anyone in anyway...and im sorry if i's it for now..thanks 4 visiting guys! also, i see that there are a lot of votes 4 the fanfic...for now, it's Kenneth and Fala in the lead with Tavia and Linda close for Kenneth, well, lets just say he's pretty far ahead of everyone else..perhaps of his role in THE HIPPOCRATIC CRUSH? :P also, there has been some news about Boscolie fans not liking the kiss scenes between Myolie Wu and Kenneth Ma...personally, i don't think there's anything wrong with it..they're just filming...but then again...I'm not exactly a Boscolie fan...but it doesn't mean i don't like them as a couple..I'm just more of the type that focuses on the dramas rather than the real lives of artistes...

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