Saturday, June 16, 2012


Hmmm...Natalie..umm...well, i would say she HAS improved from the beginning of her acting career..but, lets just say she could use some more improvement..i really don't like seeing her in weak especially the ones that involve crying..i like seeing her in stronger in THE SEVENTH DAY where she always had good comebacks and was all sly like a fox and stuff...or like in the end of GLOVES COME OFF..where she was a mature wife...she's been acting before many of the popular fadans of TVB today..but even though she has more experience than them, the fadans still give me a feeling...idk what it is...but they prove to me that they can take on a lead role..they are capable of for Natalie, she's okay as a supporting actress..but as lead, i honestly think she still has a long way to go...but after GLOVES COME OFF, i really saw her improvement..i think she's still in the phase of like testing the times, i found her acting quite annoying/fake...especially the crying ones/the surprised one..omg..i still can't get over that disneyland scene/the bed scene she had with Raymond Wong in GLOVES COME OFF where she was all surprised when they found the view of Disneyland..i was like..omg..i cant explain how fake her expression was..she really got me ranting..i shouldn't say she's a bad actress based on one little mistake...i really feel she tries to act for GLOVES COME OFF, her hard work paid the END...didn't really like her character in the beginning...with hard work, maybe she'll finally grasp the true meaning of acting...and one day, she may even be up there with Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Kate Tsui, Myolie Wu, and Tavia Yeung...well, for leading, she MAY still be capable of a role like Sasa in THE SEVENTH a more modern girl who like tries to survive her boss and stuff..

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