Friday, June 8, 2012


despite the fact that his appearances in TVB's dramas aren't very frequent, his popularity is still on the rise.. he can sing, dance, and act...i wish he could concentrate more on filming for TVB..he really can act...i've watched him ever since i was little...and i could really see the improvement...his acting has really..matured.. like before, he would probably cry to show pain or misery..but now, he doesn't have to rely on tears to express his pain/misery..his facial expressions tell the whole Tavia, he doesn't overdo his expressions or anything...he only has like 1 or 2 dramas in a year...and sometimes, the roles he's given aren't very....prominent..i guess..he doesn't make himself stand out if it wasn't meant to be...he knows with his roles, it's very hard for him 2 win awards b/c they'r not exactly the 'wow' type...but he doesn't let that bring down the quality of his acting...hope he can film more dramas :D miss seeing him on TV

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