Friday, June 8, 2012


hey guys :D school FINALLY ended 4 me :D it ended like on tuesday..but i was too lazy to blog :P..and on wednesday, i went 2 disneyland :D lol...yes..i still think it's really is a happy place to be..nice scenery...also love the some parts of it are more for little kids..but it brings back old memories and makes me feel like a little kid again :P lol..i dont even need the map to get around disneyland..i know the place so's a picture to share [from GLOVES COME OFF]

lol..cant really see it..but :P speaking of disneyland, it's really nice...but i h8 how the lines r soooo long :( so now im finally exams were horrible...but im glad that's over..summer school is about to start for in a couple of not a really long break..but i'll still try my best to post stuff on here..well, 4 those 'artiste evaluations' type things..the posts that i have been doing on various artistes [so far, only 2 :P]..umm..i think i'll kinda mix up the instead of doing all the newcomers in the beginning, i think i'll do like the fadans and siusangs mixed with the newcomers..and the supporting role type i guess i could take requests..cuz it really doesnt matter 2 me which artistes i do first and stuff...random..but recently, i've been focusing a lot on the design [interior and exterior] of houses and stuff in the dramas..[not really watching any of the dramas airing rite now..only the sitcom..but it kinda got im like rewatching older dramas rite now...currently rewatching YOU'RE HIRED and D.I.E. comedies..and i think they both aired at the same time back then..] well, talk to you guys later..and for those readers still in school, good luck on ur final exams! wish u the best! 

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