Friday, June 8, 2012


Along with Myolie, i think Tavia has the strongest foundation out of the 'newer' generation of fadans..but i guess Tavia's popularity is a bit more 'constant' Myolie was more popular back in TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES and TO GROW WITH LOVE...but things kinda toned down for her...until now..anyways..back to Tavia..though it is said that Virginia Lok doesn't like Tavia, she has always been liked by the audience...unlike many other fadans, she actually has experience in acting...she started out with small roles and slowly made her way to the many dramas, she costars with many other fadans..which will probably lead to some competition involving standing out amongst others..attention...some fadans may exaggerate to gain attention...but Tavia carries out the role the way it was meant to be...she doesn't overdo her expressions...but she still has the correct expressions...also, she has had constant improvement from her recent years, she has had less prominent roles but she still delivers the right expressions for every second of the dramas she stars in...she never let competition for beauty or popularity get in the way of her acting...even if other fadans are fighting for attention in a drama, Tavia just does her own i said before, it is said that Tavia isn't one of Virginia Lok's favorites...but she never let that get in her way fact, it kinda proves Tavia's talent...she was able to climb to the top without 'help'...she's not one of my favorites, but i still like Tavia..i love her in interviews! she's so funny :)

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