Thursday, March 8, 2012


Hey everyone...don't really know what 2 post/don't really have time yet..thoughts 4 THE HIPPOCRATIC CRUSH will be up next week...after it ends...also, congrats to Shirley! She had a baby girl..Haven't seen her onscreen since...idk...THE COMEBACK CLAN? or A CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK...don't remember which one came seems like Ron's popularity has been gradually decreasing...before, he used to be more "wow" now it's more Bosco & Kevin and stuff...he's still a first line artiste..but it's just not the same as remember for the 2011 TVB Gala thing? for the Chok section? Most of the first line artistes walked alone...but he had to walk w/ Kenneth..and Kenneth is kinda more on the lower level out of the first line artistes...please don't get me wrong..I love both Ron & Kenneth..[esp. Kenneth at this moment b/c of THE HIPPOCRATIC CRUSH-love his character!]...anyways...just sumthing i noticed...Also, has anyone noticed/ read about the news article online about THE HIPPOCRATIC CRUSH? [where Tavia was holding the phone showing "Andy's" grandma something?] I didn't notice 'til I saw it online...but they said when they zoomed in on the phone, the hand holding the phone was a man's hand..For those of you watching THE HIPPOCRATIC CRUSH, what do u guys think of it? more specifically, Mandy's character...i thought I would save this for after the drama ended to complain..but she really got on my was so manipulative of her to hide the letters...and it really bugged me when she was telling Tavia that she liked Kenneth...she called Tavia "ga jie" [older sister] just so Tavia would let go of Kenneth..well, Mandy's pretty good at acting out the role..but i don't think it's 2 beneficial to her if she keeps taking on these roles..b/c a lot of people that watch TVB dramas don't really pay attention to the news about the artistes and stuff...and they don't really know the they'll probably mistaken them as bad grandma hated Mandy in L'ESCARGOT..and now, she hates her even more..i have to explain to her everytime..] lol...this is really random..but when my grandma tells me to sew up my jeans, I have to explain to her that they're supposed to be like that :P o..another random thing...i think Oscar may end up with the girl that plays Louis's sister in QUEENS OF DIAMONDS AND HEARTS

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