Monday, March 19, 2012


Introduction of New Artistes
I thought it was a really nice way to introduce new artistes...Normally, I don't really get used to new artistes that easily..but TVB introduced them gradually and stuff throughout the drama...they mixed up the familiar faces, Kenneth and Tavia, with the somewhat familiar faces, Mandy & Him, and after the audience got used to Mandy & Him, they started gradually introducing the newer artistes..though their acting still has some improving to do, i thought they performed pretty well..

Kan Ching Ching-I think her name is Candy Chang in reality..but anyways..I liked how her character started to mature near the end [well, all of the artistes started to mature] but before, she seemed like the typical Hong Kong how she got all mad over her ex-boyfriend and stuff..but when Kenneth's younger brother died, she started seeing life through a whole new pair of glasses...speaking of glasses, did anyone notice that she "loses" her glasses in the end of the drama...which makes her look even more mature..ya..i just thought she "grew up" a lot throughout the course of the drama...but she kinda needs to work on her crying a little more..same with her when she's supposed to sound all strong and stuff, she's not all that convincing...but then again, she's new..

Ming Tai Zi-I didn't really notice him..but I liked the part where he was going to check out the mechanic's shop and one of the workers got injured..and he had to help him..and then the owner kinda told him to think things through before giving up his job as a doctor...and in the end, he chose to become a doctor..i guess he realized that he could help a lot of people

Andy Law On Dik-It was so sad when his grandma was in the hospital..he always gave it all he had..but when it came to performing the actual job, he lacked some self-confidence which resulted in him constantly getting yelled at by Kenneth..but when his grandma was in the hospital, he knew he couldn't let her he stayed strong..and with the help of other housemen, he was able to become a doctor..but unfortunately, his grandma was so sad when he was running back...and then he just finds her dead..his crying scenes were actually pretty convincing...


All of the artistes seemed really professional and when they said the names of diseases and stuff, they make it sound really natural...and stuff..not much to say here really..but i like how like when Mandy is in neurosurgery, Benjamin still "borrows" her during one accident..i liked that scene..cuz like it doesn't only focus on the 4 main artistes and neurosurgery..idk if u guys know what i'm saying..but it's like Tavia doesn't always have to be in a scene with Kenneth..and Mandy doesn't either..anyways...moving on....

Ending screencaps :P but my thoughts:
OMG!!! loved the ending...they didn't kill Tavia off! and they didn't paralyze her either! offense..but when i finished the ending, i was like "there might be some hope for tvb afterall" lol..anyways..I love how everyone's so mature now..and they cherish what they have...and i really liked how they had the new housemen..and they made the old housemen [the group w/ Him Law & Mandy Wong] the higher trainees..and how the old housemen yelled at the new housemen just like how Kenneth yelled at them.. :) Also, I liked how Kenneth said that they're starting to get the hang of it and stuff...


i like how they show these pics/vids. it helps me understand what they're doing and stuff..b/c i wouldn't have had any idea what they were talking about

Oh..and have i mentioned..I LOVE THE THEMESONG! tvb's finally using actual singers..ok..that's kinda mean..but so glad to hear a themesong by Joey Yung :)

Random fact..but did u guys know the guy who plays Tong Yuen [the guy who's like the same level as Tavia] is an actual doctor?

Ok..last random comment..but i thought the series was really good and stuff...except 4 one episode where they like completely focused on the housemen...i think it was some part where the grandma died

Also, just wondering...why does Derek Kwok always blink so pretty sure it's done on purpose..but they never's kinda funny..and matches his character's personality..
sorry...kinda rushed...but more thoughts will be posted up later [probably on Kenneth, Tavia, Him Law, Mandy Wong, the couples, and some of the quotes] finals week 4 me!! :(

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