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Hey everyone!! For all returning readers, I'm finally back :] Sorry for the long wait :P TVB STARLIGHT has changed a little and if you have any trouble getting around the blog, please visit ABOUT BLOG..also, i will not copy and paste news articles..but i may summarize some in my Status Updates..sorry for any inconvenience caused...and for all new readers, welcome! :] Comments on Recent dramas:

THE HIPPOCRATIC CRUSH- I love it! :] I like how all the housemen are pretty new it's a nice way to introduce newcomers..People have been saying Tavia's nose job was quite distracting..but I haven'r really noticed until i read their comments...i'll post up more thoughts with screencaps after the drama ends :P but I really like Him Law's character..Tavia's character is okay...I like Kenneth's character..but I don't really like Mandy's character..but she does a pretty good job acting out the role...

QUEENS OF DIAMONDS AND HEARTS-I didn't think it would be that great...but turns out, it's not bad...some parts are pretty's a good drama for a's pretty lighthearted..I like Roger and Fala's characters are pretty funny..also, Sharon's character isn't's pretty funny when she tries not to laufh when Roger and Fala are fighting...o and love how Roger is always afraid of Oscar's pen...Koni's character is quite cute..I won't really be posting thoughts on this drama...but I may post minor thoughts in my Status Updates...

LET IT BE LOVE-Sorry..but I don't plan on watching this series..have not..and will not.. :P

L'ESCARGOT-It was okay..I won't be posting up anything on it..but here are some of my thoughts:

MICHAEL MIU & SONIJA KWOK-I like how Michael Miu's character always puts others before himself...Also, Sonija's character was pretty nice and respectful towards elders..I liked the part in the beginning where Sonija's mother-in-law reveals that she knows it's hard for Sonija, having to deal with Mandy..and she knows that Mandy is always the one causing the trouble...I also like the part near the end where her mother-in-law went to their rented room because she was mad at Mandy...and i like how she tells Sonija how she never had to do any chores when they lived together b/c Sonija would do them..

RON NG & LINDA CHUNG-Honestly, I didn't really find their relationship all that interesting...even in the beginning..b/c it was just..too peaceful..but those are just my thoughts..but I love how they realized that they couldn't be together after all the problems they have been through..and love how Linda decides to let go..she seems to have matured over the course of the drama...I didn't like how Ron got with JJ b/c of revenge...but then again, i guess the scriptwriter wanted to show that Ron's character is human too...glad it was a happy ending for them :)

RON NG & JJ JIA-Many people were supporting this couple instead of Ron & Linda when the drama was airing..I was part of that group :P I was just tired of the whole Ron-Linda-Michael thing...It was really refreshing to have Ron & JJ meet and get together and stuff..[and by refreshing, i mean compared to the whole Ron-Linda-Michael thing..] it was like a relief from their complicated love triangle...Also, JJ's character was pretty nice..I like how she is willing to let go of Ron if he really wants to be with Linda :)

MICHAEL TSE & LINDA CHUNG-Umm..not a fan of this couple..Michael didn't even have a reason for liking Linda...but anyways..still love how he is willing to do anything and everything for Linda..

MICHEAL TSE & JOYCE TANG-Typical wealthy couple..Joyce portrayed the character well...she seemed really elegant..

MANDY WONG & OSCAR LEUNG-I didn't like Mandy's character in the beginning..[but great acting!] but in the end, I like how she finally started to respect her mother-in-law and how she decided to give the apartment back to Michael for Oscar, I like how he always remembers that his brother, Michael Miu, helped him through his darkest times...

HIM LAW & YOYO favorite couple!! anyways..they're really cute when Yoyo was sitting outside the apartment..and she started telling Him Law how tired she was of watching over her toilet paper and making sure Him Law doesn't steal

MEMORABLE SCENE-This sounds really mean..but i like the part where the mother was sad..but I like how they all remember all the stuff they've been through with her..especially Linda..I love when Linda thinks back and remembers how her mom comforted sad..

i learned a lot about buying houses/apartments in Hong Kong from the drama...I never knew it was that hard..and also like Michael's house in the drama...Micheal Tse's house....I like JJ Jia's room..I want a house like that >.<

WISH AND SWITCH-I really liked this drama :) it was pretty lighthearted..i like Selena Li & Vincent Wong as a they both loved each other..but never admitted it..not much for Johnson Li & Myolie Wu's relationship how Myolie was so "see-lai"...also, i liked Jade and Hei Jai...loved when they fought and stuff...Jade has pretty good comebacks..and in case u haven't noticed, she plays Ron's younger sister in L'Escargot..and Hei Jai is just cute..but like i didn't really like the ending..too tragic..i wish they stuck to the lighthearted really wasn't necessary for them to kill off Myolie..but the theme is refreshing...for a TVB drama...sorry...but I will not be posting up thoughts on this either :P

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